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    Stone Mill Grinding Machines' Rainy Days Maintain

    Hello everybody, it's a really long time, that I haven't write the message for you, are you OK? In recent days, Shanghai comes into the winter, maybe lots of friends know that the winter in Shanghai is cold and rainy. So I want to share some methods of protect your grinding mill in the rainy days. And I really hope these methods could help you to protect your mining equipment in the such rainy reasons.

    First at all, we should know that because the grinding mill is made by metal materials, so the rain will eroded the surface of the grinding mill. We should ensure our grinding mill work in a dry environment, at least, the working environment shouldn't have too much water.

    And then, it is also very important to do lubrication work of grinding mill components. We must add lubricating oil to the joint of each grinding mill, so that to prevent rain erosion. Moreover, the grinding machine will work more smoothly after adding the lubricating oil.

    Finally, we should replace the grinding parts in time. So that, we can ensure our grinding mill has a higher efficient. Do you have other maintain methods to protect grinding mill in the rainy days, welcome to share your methods with us. Thanks for your reading.

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